Les Woller brought a unique combination of deep experience and insight into our company at a time of extreme change. He provided a common sense approach and process that helped our key leaders navigate a change in ownership, together with changing to a performance-based culture, while remaining focused on the safety of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. The Skill lays out the elements of a change process that leads not just to change but to results.

Frank McShane
COO, Longview Fibre Paper & Packaging, Inc.


Les’ ARTT coaching methodology works. Over the years, it has made a big impact on my life and my career.

Curt Nonomaque


The Skill is based on research and practical experience providing readers with a grounded guide to personal development. Many leadership development experts primarily focus on the diagnostic phases of development, however, The Skill provides specifics “how-to’s” that ensure personal growth. This well-written book provides a rigorous, practical, step-by-step approach to the process of development planning and execution. It is elegantly simple! I know I’ll be using The Skill and the ARTT model in my teaching at Duke and my own international practice.

Randall P. White, Ph.D.
Principal, Executive Develop Group,
Adjunct Professor, Duke Corporate Education,
Author of Relax, Its Only Uncertainty


During a time of major transformation , Les’ understanding of leadership and coaching expertise played a key role in helping us manage a “smooth” process that met our goals. His book is a readable, practical, how-to road-map on taking responsibility for your own development. It’s a Winner!

Carl Liebert
CEO, 24 Hour Fitness


This is the “how to” book for all of us working to be better than who we are today. It shows you how to improve your self awareness and then how to change your behavior to be more effective. The specific steps are the most helpful instructions I’ve ever received.

Ruth Bennett
Chief Operating Officer, Bonneville Power Administration ( Ret.)


Insight into the selection and development of strategic talent – those that make a difference in organizations that create customer and economic value – is critical. The Skill provides unparalleled understanding for individuals and organizations to build the capacity to learn, grow and contribute now. The Skill can be used as a toolset to make giant steps forward in building the potential, performance and promotability of the talent bench. Les Woller has provided the basics for new analytics to measure the identification and accelerated development of talent.

Richard W. Beatty
Professor of HR Management,
University of Michigan and Rutgers University,
Coauthor of The Workforce Scorecard


For more than 20 years, Les Woller has helped senior executives learn, grow and succeed. His experience at GE and Battelle has proven invaluable in providing practical insights into complex business problems.

Ram Charan
Consultant / Strategy and business planning 


Les Woller has a unique clarity of vision, ability to diagnose and recommend courses of action for personal and professional matters. For over 15 years, I have been engaged in complex conflict resolution through international facilitation and mediation in the Middle East. The guidance and discussions with Les has been invaluable. He is one of the very few people that is able to analyze complex problems and offer strategic and practical solutions.

Professor Dr. Scient Jon Martin Trondalen
CEO & Chairman of Compass Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland


It’s is seldom true that a consultant can actually help someone have a more successful career and a ‘winning’ organization, but Les can. His research based approach and experience tested methodology on Adaptability, is the magic bullet of success.

Robert W. Eichinger
Vice Chairman, KornFerry International and Cofounder, Lominger Limited, Inc


Les’ consulting practice is not just about change, but about change that endures because it is based on learning. For individuals who want to improve and for leaders who want to transform their organizations, Les’ principles will work.

Dave Ulrich
Consultant / Human capital solutions


Today in my work as board member for several Fortune 500 companies, the perspective I take on my current business challenges has changed. The early insights I gained from Les remain relevant and viable. As I reviewed chapters of The Skill I had to smile, because he is now sharing his insights with a broader audience, with even greater clarity. He is a great coach! Thank you Les.

Donna James
Former President Nationwide Strategic Investments and Managing Director, Lardon & Associates


For years my organization has been struggling with developing people in a way that enables people to cope with the accelerating pace of change and complexities as well as higher standard of expectations using formal education, coaching, mentoring, stretch assignments, etc. Les’ advice resonates within me as the way to proceed at both a personal and organizational level. His wisdom is so self evident. To succeed it requires personal commitment and introspection – constant learning.

Chris Mazurkewich
COO, Strategic & Corporate Services, Interior Health British Columbia, Canada